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Countertop Installation for your Chicago Area Home

New Countertops - Countertops are a great way to improve the look of your kitchen

Countertops are an essential part of any home renovation. Do you want to renovate your kitchen? Do you want to give your kitchen a quick makeover? Are you looking for innovative ways to make your kitchen more spacious? Countertops should be an integral aspect of your dream kitchen, no matter what alterations you make. Because it is a long-term investment, it is critical to choose the best kitchen countertop and have it professionally installed.

Countertops Near Me

BuildBoard is your go-to contractor for kitchen countertop installation.

BuildBoard contractors are Chicago’s favorite countertop installation experts. They specialize in installing a myriad variety of kitchen countertops. Our contractors install granite countertops, quartz countertops, concrete countertops, marble countertops and more! They can install them easily and give a finished look to your home. Interested in a new kitchen countertop or have you bought one from Home Depot? Leave the installation process to us. Our team of experts can also install kitchen cabinets to give you the dream kitchen that you desire.


Why are BuildBoard contractors the Best Choice for Installing Kitchen Countertops in Chicago?

When it comes to hiring a kitchen renovation contractor to install kitchen countertops, BuildBoard is the finest option. Our contractors will provide the best service possible because:


  • We understand your needs and recommend a kitchen countertop material that can resist the heat in the kitchen.

Quick Removal:

  • We quickly remove the old, dull, and broken countertop and install a new one.

Fast Installation:

  • Our installers complete the installation in 1-2 days, providing you immediate access to a new kitchen.

Perfect Fit:

  • Because our professionals obtain precise measurements for the new countertop, we ensure that it fits exactly in its assigned location.

Your Cabinets Are Safe:

  • We take special care to remember cabinet details and ensure that they are not destroyed during the installation procedure.

Wide Variety of Materials:

  • Our professionals have worked with a variety of countertop materials. These include: stone, granite, copper, quartz, plastic laminate, eco-friendly salvage wood, marble, recycled glass, cement, concrete, stainless steel, and others. You make your decision, and we’ll get the job done swiftly.

Choosing The Best Countertop

Here are some of the most popular countertop materials:


  • Quartz is available in a larger spectrum of patterns and colors than natural stone because it is an artificial product. BuildBoard Quartz kitchen countertops in Chicago are made from quartz chips and resin. They are a nice compromise between solid surfacing and natural stone. Quartz countertops are a great investment because of their durability. Countertops made from quartz are both sturdy and flexible. This makes it easier to deal with during installation than other countertop materials. It’s also non-porous, so there’s no need to seal it. Quartz is a wonderful alternative if you don’t want to worry with upkeep.


  • Each chunk of granite is one-of-a-kind. Its mottling and a variety of natural patterns and colors make it a lovely, natural product. It can also withstand high temperatures. It is acceptable to lay hot pots and pans on a granite countertop. If you want your kitchen to have a warm, natural feel, this is the material to use.


  • Marble has a wide range of design possibilities. It’s a softer substance to deal with, making it more adaptable. Marble is frequently thought of as a “traditional” choice, especially if you want a white kitchen or bathroom countertop. It’s inherently chilly and heat-resistant, but not to the same extent as granite. If you have a large kitchen, you might be able to get away with using more than one countertop material. It’s fine to do some mixing and matching if it fits with the overall design plan. Look through our catalog to view all of the many colors and styles that we have to offer.

Kitchen Countertops with BuildBoard

We like to think that our contractor’s kitchen countertops are perfect for pulling a room together. They can transform a drab kitchen into something spectacular with just a few slabs of premium cut granite, marble, or quartz. BuildBoard contractor’s kitchen countertops in Chicago are finely cut from a variety of materials. The majority are sourced from the Italian countryside and other regions of Europe for a classic and clean aesthetic. They source variety of kitchen countertop selections, including quartz, granite, and marble, which are some of the most popular. No job is too big or too small for our kitchen countertop experts. So when it’s time to upgrade, think of BuildBoard for all of your surface requirements.

Expert Countertop installation in Chicago

Kitchen Countertops require Careful Installation – Countertops for the kitchen are expensive and require careful installation. You risk ruining the pricey countertop if you install it yourself. Also, keep in mind that chipped countertops can cause discomfort as well as injuries. As a result, it’s critical to find a reputable and competent kitchen renovation contractor to install it properly.


BuildBoard home remodeling and renovation services

BuildBoard’s contractors offer a wide range of kitchen renovation services, including kitchen painting, kitchen flooring installation, backsplash repair, and more. We strive to provide you with the home of your dreams. Because we care about the safety of your family, we handpick our team after a comprehensive investigation. You may be confident in the quality and workmanship when you work with us.

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If you are more of the in-person type, BuildBoard can still help. Instead of having many contractors come to your home, schedule an in home visit with someone from the BuildBoard team. We would be happy to come to your home and help talk through your home remodeling projects requirements and help you get it posted. Don't search for "remodeling contractors near me", let us do it for you.

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Still Skeptical? These are the top 4 reasons to use BuildBoard for your next home remodeling project!

Save Time and Money

Getting quotes without in-home visit saves you time and money.

Local, Insured Contractors

Work with local, verified contractors who actually quote, and show up to get your project done

24X7 Project Support

The BuildBoard team is here to help with anything from design, project posting, through permitting and payment help.

Easy to Use

BuildBoard provides a simple to use web and mobile platform to keep you in control of your project.




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